About Innovation Leadership

Innovation Leadership is a quarterly magazine published by the Limkokwing University for corporate leaders, managers, aspiring executives and decision makers in the private and public sectors discussing myriad of corporate and leadership interest.

In driving the national innovation agenda forward, Limkokwing University created Innovation Leadership to bridge the gap between Corporate Malaysia and Government and also serve as a platform to disseminate timely information to readers from all strata of society on the importance of innovation in the formulation of government policies, effective leadership, brand development and in facing challenges in the global marketplace.

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National Innovation

  • National transformation policy: welfare for the rakyat, well being of the nation
  • National Innovation Movement: deepening the transformation process
  • National strategy to innovate Malaysia
  • Rejuvenating innovation roots
  • Malaysia: among the most competitive countries globally
  • Rural Malaysia transforms
  • Improving the intellectual property exosystem

Innovation Agenda

  • Getting to the heart of innovation
  • Digital Malaysia: accelerating Malaysia's digital aspirations

Innovation Forum

  • Can we become the Silk Route innovation hub for the Pacific Century
  • Bloggers - the new power brokers
  • Social media heats up

Innovation Insights

  • Creativity before innovation
  • Creativity: the DNA in Innovation

Academic Innovation

  • Innovation to design the future
  • Limkokwing makes fashion history in London

Tribute to Innovation

  • Tribute to Innovation

Web Innovation

  • 10 things Google knows to be true
  • The three laws of innovation: open, open and open

Understanding Innovation

  • Innovation killer
  • Think innovation
  • Minimum effort maximum profit
  • Parting shot!

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