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Innovation Leadership is a quarterly magazine for corporate leaders, managers, aspiring executives and decision-makers in the private and public sectors. It focuses on a broad- range of subjects – from government policies, leadership and innovation to brand development and challenges in the marketplace.

This publication provides an ideal platform to disseminate timely, useful information to readers from all strata of society, as well as forum to discuss a myriad of issues of corporate and leadership interest. Such issues often impact not only companies and industries, but also on country's economy and your careers.

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National Innovation

  • Transformation of Malaysia
  • Charting a new way forward
  • Economic Transformation Programme Roadmap
  • Transforming Malaysia into a high-income economy
  • Education innovation pivotal to national transformation
  • Economic Transformation Programme: A place in the sun for all Malaysians
  • Economic Transformation Programme: Leveraging on e-commerce
  • 10 Malaysia Plan lays down Malaysia's future: Starting a revolution

Innovation Agenda

  • Let's innovate Malaysia now
  • Vision is a destination in the future Mission is the roadmap
  • Transform now, the future is coming
  • The business of innovation
  • Inspiring change in the rural heartland

Academic Innovation

  • We need an academic evolution
  • Inspiring change through innovation
  • Innovating Education
  • Moving education up the value chain
  • Building the innovation ecosystem

Tribute to innovation

  • Limkokwing University takes on green initiative
  • Corporate Malaysia Salutes the Prime Minister
  • Malaysia's top brands recognized for innovative
  • World leader in creativity & innovation

Understanding Innovation

  • The four kinds of corporate innovation
  • Communication and innovation
  • Big and little innovation

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